Close Shave by Occam’s Razor?

“The most obvious explanation has always made the most sense. Trump had extensive ties to Russia and when they offered to help him get elected he eagerly accepted. Nothing about him suggests he’d decline the help & everything about him suggests he’d accept.

Seriously: with everything we know about Trump, with everything we’ve experienced, try to imagine a scenario where Putin-connected Russians - with whom Trump has extensive business interests - offers to help him beat Hillary and he says ‘no thanks.’ Go ahead, try.

Also, given everything we know about Trump, try to imagine a scenario where he accepts the help & does it stealth enough to evade the tuned-in intelligence agencies of multiple countries and, now, Robert Mueller. Where Michael effing Cohen & Stone & Corsi outsmart the field.

The Russians didn’t need to know Trump would win to offer help and Trump didn’t need to know he’d win to accept. From Putin’s perspective, even a good showing by Trump would further his goal of destabilizing our democracy and faith in our instituons.”

Adam Jentleson, Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Harry Reid 🗣 🇺🇸 ⚖️

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