Firefox Send is a Free, Encrypted File Transfer Service from Mozilla - Beautiful Pixels 🔗 🖥 📁 ↔️ 📁 🖥 🔥 🦊

Firefox Send is a new web-based secure file transfer service that allows users to upload and share multiple files with anyone. The service has been built and promoted by the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit behind the popular browser and several other initiatives that make the web a better place for everyone. Firefox Send is free, secure, encrypted and open-source file transfer service that works across all modern browsers, not just Firefox. It allows anyone to upload and share files up to 1GB without creating an account, or up to 2.5GB after signing up for an account. The service has been available as part of Mozilla’s ‘Test Pilot experiments’ and the organization is graduating the service today (March 14, 2019).

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