David Milch’s Third Act - The New Yorker 🔗 📺 ✍️

Despite what dementia has stolen from the cerebral creator of “Deadwood,” it has given his work a new sense of urgency.

When they moved there, five years ago, from a much larger house a few miles away, where they had raised three children, Milch was about to turn seventy. A survivor of decades of serial addiction-recovery-relapse-recovery—and also of heart disease, childhood sexual predation, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bipolarity—he remained in command of prodigious gifts. Starting in the early nineteen-eighties, when a former college roommate who wrote for ‘Hill Street Blues’ introduced him to Steven Bochco, the series’ co-creator, and he began writing for the show, too, Milch earned a reputation as one of the most original and intellectually fluent figures in the history of episodic television.

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